“I'm not talking”
~ Stupidity on Parradoxes

A Parradox is the greatest tool used to troll certain individuals into think about random crap and later watch their mind implode from thinking too hard.

Great examplesEdit

“This statement is a lie.”
~ Gramatical Incorrectness on Parradoxes

“I hate racial discrimination and Black People.”
~ Racism on Parradoxes

“Invent a time machine, go back in time and kill yourself”
~ A REALLY bad idea on Parradoxes

“Insanitypedia ALWAYS tells lies.”
~ Insanitypedia on Parradoxes

“Will your answer to this question be no?”
~ me on Parradoxes


Parradoxes have been arond as long as man has wished to tamper with peoples brains and make them think about stuff that doesn't work in the real world. Which takes us back to next Thursday.

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