Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Something?

“It doesn't contain anything”
~ Captain Obvious on Nothing

Wow nothing is so boring...

Nothing is the term used to describe, well nothing to put it quite simply. Nothing can theoritically not exist because the nothing is something within itself. People have thought aout nothing's true meaning for centuries, when I culd quite simply define nothing as your IQ level.

History of NothingEdit

The concept of Nothing was first coined in Ancient Egypt just like everything useful or useless in our daity lives as a term to describe anything which is not something. The issue of Nothing actually being something was not explored until later because all believed nothing to be nothing not something.

If that didn't confuse you enoughEdit

The pree that nothing was equal to something caused widespread panic, because one could argue the reverse. Is something equal to nothing? If this is your line of thinking you are messed up and you don't exist according to your own judgement.

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