Hmm... yes, who wouldn't think of that

The Cactus (or Cactii) are very dull and boring plants which seem to possess no real point in life except for to look like Marge Simpson. Cactus are often found living in places just as boring as themselves like deserts where they just stand in the ground doing nothing until an tiny animal tries to eat it resulting in premature death or poisoning

Cactus, whats the point?Edit


Yes, actually worse then no cactus...

 Indeed, Cacti do serve no point in life, infact recent studies show that people would rather have no cactus at all than have a cactus and that people would like to ban cactus from inhabiting our earth.

Some people however do eat cactus, because apparently its very tasty.

People against CastusEdit

Quite recently Cactii have been gaining bad publicity, due to injuries and "boo boos" to do with being far to spiky. The worst suck incident a child was hospitalised

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