A Typical Male Brain

The brain, or teh thinker as some prefer is a large mass located in the cranium. The brain is responsible for giving people big heads and are also responsible for headaches, insanity and loss of vision.


The earliest known example of someone having a brain, dates back to a guy named Adam and a girl named Eve. They were the earliest humans to have brains. Humans however were not the first species to have brains. Dinosaurs had brains millions of years of years ago!

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The highly sought after brain cactus

A recent scientific disovery has found plants can also possess brains, the brain cactus (pictured left) is an example of this. Plants have been on each for an estimated 1.5 billion years, making these the earliest brains ever!

So.. What does the brain do?Edit

  • Dah brainz makez u spek in teh proper language.
  • The brain helps you do simple math (like 1 + 1 = Um... 4?)
  • The brain helps to liv...
  • The brain is responsible for my pounding headache.
  • My endless insanity
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